How to prepare your family for a Cape Cod photo session

It’s time for your family photo and you want make sure that you and your family look great, right? Families often ask me for advice on what to wear and what to bring to their session so I put together this checklist to help my families get prepared.

☑️ COLOR COORDINATE WITHOUT MATCHING – Solids are preferred. Avoid plaid, busy prints and large patterns. If one family member wears a tight gingham or print, the rest of the family should wear solids that have similar colors that coordinate but don’t put everyone in a matching outfit. Color coordinate without matching. Pick a color palette like earth tones or Cape Cod colors

☑️ DOs and DON’Ts – Don’t wear any clothing with prominent messaging, logo, graphics or branding. Don’t wear athletic sneakers, velcro sandals or crocs. Bring a blanket that’s a solid neutral color that coordinates with outfits for you to sit on. No ball caps or sunglasses. Avoid shear tops that will reveal undergarments.

☑️ DEVELOP A KIDDO STRATEGY – Prepare your little ones for the photo session. Schedule a nap and a meal prior to the photo shoot so that everyone is in a pleasant mood. Explain to your kids what your expectations are for their manners and behavior. Get them involved and excited. Perhaps they have some ideas? Piggyback rides? Cartwheels? Tell them we are going to have fun and play games but, first, they have to put their listening ears on! It’s always a good idea to offer an incentive for a good behavior–like ice cream or picking the next movie or board game.

☑️ DON’T GET BUGGED – Bring your favorite bug spray! The noseeums, mosquitos and green heads are a nuisance and will not relent. Come prepared!

☑️ EMPTY YOUR POCKETS – Leave your cell phone, sunglasses and anything else that might bulk up your pockets in the car.

☑️ BRING AN ACTIVITY – Candid shots are always more fun! Blow bubbles, bring crazy hats or a pull a wagon, whatever it takes to put smiles on everyone’s faces.

☑️ BE CHEERFUL! Give yourself plenty of time to get prepared for your photo session. Taking the steps to set your family up for a positive experience will make all of the difference in achieving the kind of photos you want to frame and share with others.