Yay! Your family photos are ready!

You've received an email from me letting you know that your photos are finished and ready to be downloaded! Now what? If you need some guidance on how to navigate your gallery, please ready through these step-by-step instructions below.

Getting Started:

• Open the email I sent you

• Click the dark gray "View Photos" button at the bottom of the email

• Next your gallery will open in your preferred browser. Simply scroll down or click the "View Gallery" button to begin viewing your photos!

​Viewing, Downloading, and Sharing Individual Images

To view and enlarge an individual photo, simply click on it and it will automatically enlarge. If you'd like to download this photo, locate the downward arrow above the photo and click it. For sharing, click the share button on the same header bar (arrow pointing right), and there you will be provided with options for sharing!

Placing a print or product order

To order a print or product, you can either hover your mouse pointer over the photo you'd like or click to enlarge the photo. Either way, you will see a shopping bag icon either on top of the photo or in the upper right hand corner of the window. Click the icon and a popup window will appear with three menu items to choose from, prints, wall art and cards. Click on the product that you'd like order and then select the size and quantity.

IMPORTANT! Because standard print dimensions sometimes do not match up perfectly to the aspect ratio of the photo file, the image may be cropped based on your selection. The blue bounding box around the image preview will show you what the crop will look like based on the print size you choose.

Using Your Print Credit

To utilize the print credit included in your package, navigate to your order summary then click "apply coupon." Enter the coupon code I included in your gallery invitation email. You will see the coupon amount deducted from the total of your order.

Downloading Entire Collection

To download your gallery in full, locate the downward pointing arrow download button located just under the main header image at the top of your gallery.  

After clicking the download button, a new window will open that asks you for your email and the 4-Digit-PIN, which is included in the original gallery invitation email. Enter the PIN here.

Next, choose the quality options you wish to download your photos in. Keep in mind that web size will optimize your photos for social networks and email sharing, while High Resolution photos are great for printing. Selecting "original" will download your photos in full, original, large file size quality. 

After making your selections, click the "Start Download" button, and your download link will be sent to your email. If you wish to stay on the page, the download link will appear on this page when it is ready. This may take a few minutes. Click the link either in your email or on this page and your photos will begin downloading immediately!

Finding Your Photos

Your photos will be downloaded as a ".zip" file folder usually to your "Downloads" folder or the Desktop. If you need help figuring out how to unzip your files, follow the link below.

Click this link for instructions for un-zipping a folder

Hope this helps you download and share your photos! If you have any other questions or are still confused about how to work Pixieset, please email me at christine@capecodsaltybroad.com