What should we wear?

Wardrobe choices for your engagement session will greatly fluctuate based on the season, your body type and, of course, your personality! I usually suggest a more casual look because there are plenty of formal wedding day opportunities so dress like you are going out for a regular date night but step it up just a touch. Color coordinate without matching. This is important. I always send my couples some of my favorite palettes for you to get inspired by but, truly, this should be whatever feels right to you.

Of course, your clothing selections will be dictated by the season. If it’s spring or summer, it’s always nice to see a flowy dress but, avoid busy prints, stick to the solids, except for polka dots–that’s my one exception. If you must wear a pattern, plan to have your partner were a solid. I also think going simple: jeans and a nice top can be lovely as well. For beach sessions, most couples go barefoot so make sure your toes are presentable. Dress for the terrain, if we’re going on a hike, obviously, don’t wear heels or something you are worried about ruining. Don’t hesitate to bring options, maybe a walking shoe for the duration of the shoot and a sexy pair of strappy sandals or boots for just before or at the end.

Classic looks work too. Your favorite pair of jeans, nothing too worn out or dated, with some swanky shoes (stay away from the sneakers and flip flops) and a button-down shirt or a sweater are always good options. Layers are nice because we can add or subtract for different looks. Solids are preferred but a gingham or plaid that color-coordinates with your partner’s outfit looks quite polished.

Blazers are great for both men and women–just don’t be twins. Accessories are awesome! Bring a hat to add some variety or if it’s weather appropriate, how about a scarf?

My friend and former colleague Candace Hammond is a fashion columnist and social media manager for several clothing stores, Here’s her Top 10 Tips:

  1. Compliment each other but don’t match. Not going for the 90s family sitcom photo look just yet.
  2. Make sure you feel good in what you’re wearing. If you’re not comfortable it will show on your face. Choose something that makes you feel amazing.
  3. Wear clothes that fit well – nothing too tight or baggy. You want something that is flattering and comfortable. Being able to breathe and move is important!
  4. Be yourself. If you’re someone who always wears vintage, then wear that. But don’t be costumey or choose something trendy that’s not you.
  5. Think in terms of – ‘Will I feel good about this outfit 10, 20, 30 years from now’ or will it be…‘What was I thinking?’
  6. When choosing your outfit, consider where your photo shoot will take place. What might work at the beach won’t be as fitting for an urban shoot.
  7. Bring a couple of options. Having choices is always a good idea, but don’t bring your whole wardrobe!
  8. Accessories – A fall shoot with a beautiful scarf can look warm and cozy and add some texture. If you’re known for your cool hats, take some shots with one or two! If you have something that means a lot to you – a necktie that was your dad’s, a pin from your grandmother, wear it! It will add very personal details to your photos.
  9. A few hard no’s – No fleece, no plain t-shirts or sweatshirts, it’s an important event, not a keg party. These are photos your grandchildren will look at someday. Put in some thought and effort!
  10. Choose a location and style based on who you are as a couple, not by something you saw on Pinterest. If you would never go on a hike in the mountains don’t choose to shoot there and dress in outdoorsy clothes. Be yourselves and let the location and what you wear reflect who you are together. There’s nothing as beautiful as authenticity.