Let's do this!

It’s finally here! It's almost time to say ‘I do.” I have photographed so many weddings and over the years I have come up with a few tips for my couple’s as they hit the home stretch, just in case you want some extra fun props to enhance your getting ready photos or simply to be prepared for whatever random mishaps you might encounter. First things, first, make sure my cell phone number is in your phone and be on the lookout for a “Good Morning! Happy Wedding Day!” text from me so I can get your hotel room number from you. You’ll probably be too busy to notice but I’m sure someone in your crew will be able to respond…

Organize all of your details into a happy pile

I’m all about getting those details early so I can focus on capturing moments as they happen naturally. So, to ensure that I have access to all of your special mementos, make a little pile in your room of your shoes, jewelry, family heirlooms, something new, blue, old, new, etc. Basically, anything that you want me to photograph up close and put it in the magic pile. Organization makes everything better.


At this point, there’s probably not enough time for you to order a personalized hanger on Etsy but don’t fret! Plan to bring a satin or wooden hanger for your gown or suit because it will not photograph well on a wire or plastic hanger. Wouldn’t you agree?


If you want to add a little extra pizzazz to your getting ready photos, order some confetti poppers for some festive fun. These little cannons of joy make an exciting addition to those adorable photos of the bride and her tribe in robes on the bed. Cheap champagne has many useful applications on your wedding day. I recommend at least 4 bottles, reserve two for making mimosas with your posse and another two for shaking up and blissfully spraying during your photo session. 


Chances are you’ve probably thought of this, and if you haven’t, your mom or your maid of honor is probably on it, but here it is, the obligatory suggestion to put together a little wedding day emergency kit complete with a mini sewing kit, bobby pins, safety pins, scissors, fashion tape, ibuprofen, tide pen and a lint roller.


Not that you need a reminder, but don’t forget to totally lose your mind boogying down on wedding night. You have spent months (or in some cases, years!) planning and making sure you don’t forget anything on this one day. Once that beat drops, let all of that stress go and get funky with it!