These simple preparations can make a huge difference for your wedding photos

Look up!

When you and your other half are walking down the aisle or out of the church, don't forget to look up or look at each other! These transitions are great photo opportunities but if you are looking down, I can't see you blissed out face! Also, this is your chance to look at all of your loved ones smiling faces and it's a powerful feeling to take that in. It can be overwhelming and maybe you are worried you might trip, but try to let that go and make an effort to make eye contact and show your beautiful face.

Practice Your Kisses

This is a fun one! Take some time to rehearse your big kisses. Think about who will tilt their head and make sure that person won't be blocking the other. For example, if you're facing each other at the alter, and the person on the left tilts right, their head could block the other person's face! Try to remember to tilt in such a way that shows both of your faces to your guests. How do you do this? Well, booking an engagement session with your photographer is a great way to figure all of this out but you can also have a friend take some photos of you smooching and then you'll see what I mean. Also! I highly recommend stopping for another kiss halfway down the aisle with all of your guests around you. Some couples do a dramatic dip too–this is a great idea, just make sure you practice that before putting it into your plans.

Tidy up your getting ready space

Prior to the arrival of your wedding photographer, make sure your hotel room or suite is free of clutter and baggage. I find myself clearing plastic bottles, snack boxes and overnight bags all the time but wouldn't you rather have me spend my time taking pictures?

Ditch your phone

When sharing your vows with your partner, there's something a bit un-romantic about reading something so heartfelt from your handheld device. Consider writing them down on a nice sheet of paper or pick out some cute vow books from Etsy. Letting go of your phone for your ceremony is nice but why not take it even further and put it down for the whole day? You will probably need your phone during the getting ready part of the day, but hand it over to your coordinator or wedding attendant, you don't need the distraction, just be present.

Have a hair pivot

If you are getting married on Cape Cod, there's a chance that the weather may not cooperate with your hair if you decide to wear it down. If high winds are in the forecast, you may want to consider switching to an up-do. Consider the photos, would you rather have photos of your hair flying all over the place or do you want to see your beautiful face? Also, if you are going to have some hair wisps around your face, think about how that may effect your photos. If you have a thick curl on the right side of your face, it will probably block your eye when you are facing your partner during the ceremony.

Go with the flow

Embrace the unexpected. Even though many hours of planning and care have gone into this important day, inevitably something will be out of your control. It could be the weather or a wardrobe malfunction. Whatever hiccup you may encounter, just take it in stride and don't let it ruin your day. It will be a whirlwind but don't get caught in the storm.

Let the light guide your day

Your photographer is a master of light. We've spent our entire career studying light and understanding how to best flatter our subjects with it. Make time for the Golden Hour session, you won't regret it. Lose yourself in luminosity!

Trust your vendor team

Don't let anxiety get the best of you. If you are prone to worrying, take some extra steps to ground yourself and find calm first thing in the morning. Even meditating and setting intentions for just 10 minutes will help! Integrating a self care practice like yoga or even a cup of tea can make a huge difference. Remember to let the amazing team you assembled handled take care of the details. You shouldn't have to lift a finger or make a single decision. We've got you!