Let's make fun group shots!

One of the best parts about working with wedding parties is the hilarious antics that ensue when we're goofing off for the group photos. Occasionally, some of my wedding parties are a little stumped as to what they should do for their silly photos. I always bring a lot of ideas to the table but I wanted to share some prompts that have worked well at past weddings, just in case ya'll need a little inspriation.

Bride's Tribe

First off, I always start with the classics like lean in and huddle together shot. Don't forget your bouquets! This pulls it all together! You really can't go wrong with iconic formations like this but I have had a couple unique suggestions that have made for memorable shots...

  • Toss flower bouquets up
  • Lip synch in your bouquets
  • Pretend your bouquets are light sabers
  • Line up single file then alternate bridesmaids popping out
  • Vogue!

For the Gentlemen

First off, my advice to the guys is, don't knock it, just do it. Sometimes these prompts sound a little goofy and perhaps uncool, but just give it a try, you'll probably laugh and a great picture will come of that. The textbook arrangements for the guys are typically, "the flying 'v,'" an "entourage" style walking shot and simply looking slick, think GQ.

For something a little more hilarious, here's some ideas to get you started:

  • Give the groom a spanking
  • Hoist him up
  • Play up the accessories - suspenders, jacket lining, sunglasses
  • Jump!
  • Strike a boy band pose

Bring it on, Wedding Party

This is my favorite part! There's so much joyful buzz in the wedding party. I love how all of these besties all feed off each other's energy. I typically kick off the full wedding party shoot with the standards, bride's maids on bride's side and groomsmen on groom's side, if time allows I also like to mix it up, guys and girls alternating on each side. After the classic configurations, it's time to get wild. Here's my recommendations:

  • Cheering for the couple
  • Couple kisses, wedding party goes crazy
  • Blitz! (Wedding party starts from outside the frame of the photo and then swarms the couple)
  • Jump!
  • Vanity Fair pose